Young Woman Blues

Beki Brindle

‘All Kinds Of Beki’ admirably lives up to its name. It’s a wide-ranging showcase for a singer-songwriter and session guitarist who has built her reputation by playing with some of the biggest names in contemporary blues and roots rock music.

Beki Brindle is a tasteful guitarist, a thoughtful songwriter and an engaging vocalist who on the evidence of this album is only a couple of stellar guitar solos short of making a significant dent on the contemporary blues scene.

Possessive Emotions

The song Possessive Emotions by John Mayall is about the struggle with jealousy in a relationship. The lyrics express the singer’s desire to be with their partner all the time and not wanting them to be with anyone else.

The possessive emotions make the singer feel low and lonely when they’re not with their partner. Despite the negative feelings, the singer acknowledges that their emotions are a sign of their strong love for their partner.