Possessive Emotions

The song Possessive Emotions by John Mayall is about the struggle with jealousy in a relationship. The lyrics express the singer’s desire to be with their partner all the time and not wanting them to be with anyone else.

The possessive emotions make the singer feel low and lonely when they’re not with their partner. Despite the negative feelings, the singer acknowledges that their emotions are a sign of their strong love for their partner.

The song highlights the challenge of dealing with possessiveness in a relationship and the need for trust and communication to overcome it. The lyrics suggest that it’s natural to feel possessive emotions, but it’s important to acknowledge them and work through them in a healthy way.

The song has a bluesy feel to it, with Mayall’s vocals and guitar adding to the emotional intensity of the lyrics. Overall, Possessive Emotions is a poignant song about the struggles of love and jealousy.

Check out Beki Brindle’s cover of John Mayall’s Possessive Emotions. John heard Beki’s rendition and has let her know how pleased he is that she has brought new life to the song.

Beki has not only been raised on the Blues, she has been inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame in 2014.