Andrew Pearson Live at the Studio Featured Article

Andrew Pearson
Andrew Pearson

Andrew’s music is featured in today’s show. We play 4 songs from his project, The Third International. Check out Timekeepers’s Waltz, soon after the 36 minute mark.

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Later in the show, Andrew plays acoustical guitar LIVE in the studio. He plays 3 Steely Dan songs. He plays 2 songs that Jeff Beck covered. And he plays 1 Jimi Hendrix song.

Rockers rush to aid ailing Jefferson Starship guitarist Featured Article

Slick Aguilar, lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship, had a liver transplant last year and has run up over $1 million in medical bills. His friends will throw a benefit for him Friday, March 14 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC).

Somewhere in between talking about contracting hepatitis C, his 16 hour liver transplant surgery and the cost of the 34 pills he takes every day, Slick Aguilar tells stories about how lucky he’s been.