Interview with Slick Aguilar Back On

Slick Aguilar, lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship, had a liver transplant last year and has run up over $1 million in medical bills. His friends will throw a benefit for him Friday, March 14 at NJPAC. (Russ DeSantis/ for The Star-Ledger)

Back on track for an interview with Slick Aguilar on the Uncle Buggy Show which starts at 5pm EST Thursday.

In our last episode, we had technical issues and had to cancel the interview via telephone although we otherwise still had a great show.

Slick thought he might bring some of his compatriots to play LIVE this week, but in light of the show the next night at NJPAC, it was deemed not such a good plan.

Let’s see what he has in mind for the future, TODAY via telephone.

If you have not gotten tickets to the show featuring Lou Gramm of Foreigner and Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane / Starship fame, there is still time.

Click HERE to buy tickets. Orchestra seats available. Concert is tomorrow !!!