Wellness Benefit Concert for Slick Aguilar

Slick Aguilar on right, Paul Kantner on left

Concert featuring Lou Gramm and Marty Balin at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) Victoria Theater on March 14, 8pm.

You may not immediately recognize his name, but you know his music. Slick Aguilar, lead guitarist for Jefferson Starship, has been blessing us with the gift of his guitar playing for over 40 years with such greats as David Crosby, KC and the Sunshine Band, Timothy B. Schmit (the Eagles), Gregg Allman, and Carlos Santana.

Slick continued to grace the stage and studio until he fell seriously ill. To learn more about Slick’s history, health issues and music, click HERE to go to his website.

On July 30, 2013, Slick got the call every ailing patient on an organ transplant list longs to receive. Mixed with feelings of trepidation and relief for himself and a profound sadness for the family of the donor, Slick headed to the hospital to receive his life saving liver transplant.

But the transplant itself is only half the story of any ailing musician. Musicians like Slick do not receive royalties from their records. They support their families through their performances. For over a year prior to his surgery, Slick was too ill to perform while the day to day living and medical expenses kept mounting.

Slick survived his surgery thanks to the expertise of the dedicated professionals in the Division of Transplantation Surgery at the University Hospital in Newark NJ, the first liver transplant center in New Jersey. Slick remained in hospital for more than a month and although he is now home and on the road to recovery, he continues to require ongoing management and treatment, still unable to perform on the road.

Those who know or have recently become acquainted with Slick are immediately struck not only by his talent but his kindness, benevolence, appreciation and gentle spirit. The folks who love and respect him wanted to do this benefit to come to Slick’s financial aid, but it has been equally important to Slick to use this opportunity to encourage the public to register as organ donors and to raise awareness of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) which is often a silent and deadly killer only to be discovered when it is too late.

Diagnosis of acute infection is often missed because a majority of infected people have no symptoms. The World Health Organization estimates that about 3% of the world’s population has been infected with HCV and that there are more than 170 million chronic carriers who are at risk of developing liver cirrhosis and/or liver cancer.

Slick, the production team and our esteemed and talented musicians – Lou Gramm and Marty Balin – thank you for your support and good wishes. We look forward to seeing you at NJPAC on March 14th !!!

For media inquiries call Steve Silverman at (201) 725 2513.