200 Club

The 200 Club of Morris County Memorial

The 200 Club of Morris County remembers those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving our community.

Please join The 200 Club of Morris County Memorial and read the names of those who gave their lives to protect and serve the citizens of Morris County. I am happy to sponsor anyone interested in joining this effort. Membership is $200 in annual dues, thus, the 200 designation.

The 200 Club of Morris County proudly supports Morris County Police Officers, Fire Fighters, First Aid Squad Members, and Members of the New Jersey State Police who die in the line of duty. When tragedy occurs, grief is shared amongst the family as well as the members of The 200 Club of Morris County.

Barry Braverman

Mastering Storytelling Techniques

Check out the Uncle Buggy Show at Home Grown Radio NJ, where we occasionally interview talents in the music and video industries.

Click on the SoundCloud player below to hear an interview with Barry Braverman, a cinematographer with over thirty years experience in television documentaries and feature films.

Barry’s recently published book, Video Shooter, is a uniquely humorous and insightful guidebook that goes beyond the equipment and shooting technicalities to instill a practical and deep appreciation for the craft of visual storytelling.

“A complete guide for anyone who shoots video, from hobbyist to professional, the pages are packed with the keys to compelling video storytelling. Combining the basic skills of solid shooting with clear discussions of the latest technology, Braverman presents a complete, easy to understand tutorial.”

– Wayne Hess (Director of Photography, Pacifica, CA)

Dancing Bug

I'm a Little Teapot, Short and Stout

Warming up to tunes that I’ll play on the Uncle Buggy Show at the studios of Home Grown Radio NJ. I have a great time in studio alone, but an even better time when I have visitors. Come on over.

Our studios are located at 108 Cornelia Street in downtown Boonton.

Tonight starting at 5, I plan to play newer classic rock stuff that has been released in the past 4 years. Check it out.